How It All Began...

On Thursday morning at 6:00am on 14th March 2013 the little town of Redhill woke up, stretched their arms, got out of bed, got ready for work, opened the door only to drop its briefcase in amazement to find a new, efficient, cost effective and reliable service that provide enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to provide the best private hire service in Redhill... Welcome Redhill to Blue Arrow.

Blue Arrow came about through the vision of our enthusiastic drivers who have the desire and key knowledge in providing a private hire service, one that meets the demand of the customers and ensures that each customer receives a friendly and relaxing journey.

Our drivers have been working in the taxi industry for nearly 15 years and each one of our drivers and are keen and motivated to provide their private hire services for years to come. Redhill has faced a boost in the taxi industry in the last 21 years, with much services being provided in the Redhill and Reigate area. However the taxi revolution only begun when Blue Arrow came to the scene and it is our privilege to provide a unique, customer friendly, time efficient, cost effective private hire service that meets the demands of our loyal and new customers.

Our Vision

The vision of Blue Arrow replicates the vision of our customers; to provide an easy, cost effective relaxing journey one that provides a time efficient and customer friendly experience. Customers are our priority and we are here to meet their demands. Blue Arrow will commit to providing a valuable and customer friendly service to all our customers, as our vision is a perfect private hire company today.

At Blue Arrow we understand that customers demand a service that shows that they are respected, that they will meet their destination in effective timing and that they are the priority. Blue Arrow encompasses that vision and not one day will go by where Blue Arrow is using second of each day ensuring that the customers vision comes fruition. This what we call a dedicated and motivated private hire taxi firm.